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Founder Sarah Benoit Speaks about Ecommerce and Selling Online at SNAGneXt 2016

Teaching Ecommerce Skills at SNAGneXt I am thrilled to be attending and speaking at SNAGneXt 2016, the annual conference of the Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG). The official title of the conference is SNAGneXt: An Interchange and Exchange on the Many Facets of Making a Living in the Field with you. According to SNAG […]

Sarah Benoit speaks at WordCamp San Diego

I am so thrilled to be speaking at WordCamp San Diego this weekend. My talk will be part of the Design track and will focus on the importance of following website design usability best practices. WordCamp is one of y favorite events to participate in regardless of the location because the WordPress community is an […]

How Storytelling with Social Media Compliments Online PR

The Role of Social Media as an Online PR Tool Social media marketing is a tool every PR and marketing professional must use, not only for their clients, but also for themselves. If you have a background in communications, PR or marketing then you applying social media strategies to any PR campaign can be extremely […]

Sarah Benoit’s Upcoming Classes for February – May 2016

Teacher and trainer Sarah Benoit provides classes in and near Asheville this winter and spring. If you are interested in learning more about SEO (search engine optimization), social media marketing, PR, Internet marketing startegy, Google tracking, and digital marketing attend classes, seminars, and workshops offered by a variety of local organizations. Social Media Classes  Social […]

Live Stream Testing for Fun

Today I am testing some live stream technology graciously provided by our friends at VDO2NET. I have an addiction these days to live streaming apps like Periscope, Meerkat, and Blab and it has sparked my interest in how this technology will shape the next few years of digital marketing and communications. As live streaming technology […]

Creative Original President’s Thoughts on Social Media Policy Featured on the JB Media Group Blog

I recently taught a half-day, social media class in Kannapolis, North Carolina for the JB Media Institute. It was a wonderful experience. The NC Research Campus is built on a gorgeous location and the environment is perfect for learning. A delightful group of students from a wide variety of  government agencies and educational institutions were […]

What is Market Research and How to Do It Yourself

Market Research The #1 Rule of Web Design: Know Thyself – Identify Your Online Target Markets Market research is an integral part of starting and building a prosperous business. Analysis of online competitors, search engine user trends and industry standards are essential to the design of a successful, profitable web site. This data greatly affects […]

What is Keyword Research and Why Does it Matter?

Keyword Research and Analysis: The Backbone of Successful SEO and Internet Marketing SEO strategies and online marketing campaigns are only as good as the keyword research behind them. I often relate skipping keyword research to shooting at a target with a blindfold on.  As a company or organization, NOT doing keyword research is the equivalent […]

Google+ and YouTube Announce Changes for 2015

I recently wrote a blog for JB Media Group, LLC about changes expected for Google+ and YouTube that were announced on July 27, 2015. It clearly explains the update and Google+ and YouTube’s future plans. It has been rumored the Google+ was not viable and may be going away but Google assures us that this […]

Sarah Benoit and Jennifer Saylor Talk Social Media at Asheville WordCamp 2015

I am honored to present a session on “How social media can accomplish your business or organizational goals” alongside social media expert and Asheville blogger Jennifer Saylor for Asheville WordCamp 2015. Please view our presentation below or click the link to download: How Social Media Can Accomplish Goals.