Consulting & Training

[container customclass=”add-top” fx=”flipInX”][row customclass=””][column span=”12″ customclass=”align-center”][page_heading customclass=””]Consulting & Training[/page_heading][/column][/row][row customclass=””][column span=”12″ customclass=”align-center”][promo_text customclass=”black-txt”]”Sarah demystified blogging and Internet branding for me with concrete advice on how to launch my online business. Whether you’re an eager newcomer or a seasoned pro, her enthusiasm, wise counsel and social media savvy are invaluable assets.” – Marty Cherrix[/promo_text][/column][/row][/container]

Watch Sarah Benoit talk about the JB Media Institute, an in-person and online Internet marketing school that features comprehensive, continuous learning programs related to social media, SEO, PR,  online advertising, digital marketing tracking and analytics, and Internet marketing strategy and trends.

Watch Creative Original, Inc. President Sarah Benoit share strategies for social media at Wordcamp Asheville 2015 in her co-presentation with writer and blogger Jennifer Saylor titled “How Social Media Can Accomplish Your Business or Organizational Goals.”

Watch Creative Original, Inc. President Sarah Benoit present the “Social Media Do’s and Don’ts” class with Asheville blogger and local writer Jennifer Saylor at Asheville Wordcamp 2014.