I am so thrilled to be speaking at WordCamp San Diego this weekend. My talk will be part of the Design track and will focus on the importance of following website design usability best practices. WordCamp is one of y favorite events to participate in regardless of the location because the WordPress community is an amazing group of kind, funny, and friendly people that believe in the power of open source systems. I presented at WordCamp Asheville in 2014 on a similar topic and shared the stage with local blogger and Twitter expert Jennifer Saylor to teach Social Media at #WCAVL 2014 and 2015.

WordCamp San Diego will be held at from Friday April 22 to Sunday April 24, 2016. The theme this year is “making waves” and I can’t wait to hear the ideas and experiences of so many talented people. 

So, Why Did I Decide to Give a Talk about Website Usability?

Website usability is a topic I don’t think is discussed often enough, especially in small business and entrepreneurial circles. It is essential when you are managing and evolving your own website over time that you pay close attention to the usability trends . Building and maintaining a website that is easy to use can directly impact your bottom line. Designers have to get away from creating features just because they are visually cool and focus on how the majority of people will respond to the design and layout. Being attentive to usability best practice will also help designers and business owners think more clearly about the calls to action they want on their website and how they define a conversion and overall success of the website. There is nothing worse than building a beautiful website that does not convert visitors into leads, customers, clients, donors, etc.

Every Business Needs to Track and Test their Website

Thinking about usability also forces designers and business owners to think about testing and tracking. If the initial design does not produce the results you want then maybe testing out different colors, page placement, language, or images will shine some light on exactly what ISN’T working and help you discover what does!

Never Stop Improving Your Website

The days of static websites are long gone. The world of ever changing technology and the sheer variety of device means your website is never completely done. It is always a work in progress and in order for your website to really drive your business you must be willing to constantly improve upon the original design, layout, and content.

As a Designer/Developer You Must Have the Business’s Best Interest at Heart

Any designer or developer with good ethics and a true understanding of business knows at the heart of all design is people. The websites you build must serve the existing network of customers, clients, or donors and prospective ones as well. They must be easy to use, accessible, and clearly get the brand message across to inspire action. The website must also be built to achieve the goals of the business so that the website becomes a tool for increasing the company or organization’s bottom line. To do great design you must listen to your clients, ask the right questions, uncover their goals, and then co-create a website that will help bring them success for a long time into the future.