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Founder Sarah Benoit Speaks about Ecommerce and Selling Online at SNAGneXt 2016


Teaching Ecommerce Skills at SNAGneXt

I am thrilled to be attending and speaking at SNAGneXt 2016, the annual conference of the Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG). The official title of the conference is SNAGneXt: An Interchange and Exchange on the Many Facets of Making a Living in the Field with you. According to SNAG goldsmiths are living in a very exciting and ever changing time for all craftspeople and makers. The goal of the conference is to provide attendees with an opportunity to learn skills and have more productive conversations surrounding entrepreneurship, how to make a living in the field, and thrive in the marketplace. I am honored to be in a fantastic lineup of speakers that cover four themes:

Finding Your Voice or Product Development

– How to develop and design a collection; market research on pricing and
design, identifying what people want.

Wellness & Holistic Practices

– Exploring the importance of living a well rounded life to stay healthy emotionally, physically,
and creatively as a maker.

MultiPronged Approach to Making and Selling

– What are the various ways that people make and sell? How to sell to
galleries, stores, ecommerce, retail, art shows, commission, etc.

Bridging Art & Fashion

– The world of fashion is a complex and difficult world to navigate. What are the links and connections
to the world of commercials, TV, movies, runway and editorial? How are artist breaking into this field and succeeding?

Learn to Navigate the Complex World of Selling Online.

I will be sharing my expertise in an educational session that is part of the MultiPronged Approach to Making and Selling track entitled Learn to Navigate the Complex World of Selling Online. This 2 hour learning lab will cover a wide variety of topics related to ecommerce and online stores including:

  • ecommerce website platforms
  • shipping
  • payment gateways
  • site architecture
  • website usability
  • mobile shopping
  • calls to action
  • color psychology
  • seo
  • e-newsletters
  • social media
  • website tracking and reporting

Many makers struggle to run their own successful ecommerce business or online store. The endless options for design, development, marketing, and promotions are confusing and intimidating, especially when you are just starting out. Attendees will find out how the professionals do it when they build money-making online stores and create a list of things you need to learn and practice in order to take your ecommerce to the next level.