kannapolis5I recently taught a half-day, social media class in Kannapolis, North Carolina for the JB Media Institute. It was a wonderful experience. The NC Research Campus is built on a gorgeous location and the environment is perfect for learning. A delightful group of students from a wide variety of  government agencies and educational institutions were in attendance. I was honored that more that 30 people chose to spend their Friday afternoon with me to learn more about social media best practices and communications strategy.  During the class many relevant, intelligent questions were asked. I really enjoyed the engagement and the class participation. One topic that was raised was social media policies – what are they, how can you create one, and do I know of any samples. Luckily after all of my years of teaching I keep up on many aspects of online marketing, even the ones that only impact a small number of people in class.

In response to these questions I have written blog post featured on the JB Media Group blog about titled How to Design an Effective Social Media Policy.  This post explains the following:

  • why social media policies matter
  • different kinds of social media policies
  • 5 simple steps for creating you own SM policy

I also share some great resources for researching social media policy samples of all kinds organized by industry.

Visit the JB Media blog today and find out more about social media policy creation.