Creative Original History

[container customclass=”add-top” fx=”flipInX”][row customclass=””][column span=”12″ customclass=”align-center”][page_heading customclass=””]About Us[/page_heading][/column][/row][row customclass=””][column span=”12″ customclass=”align-center”][promo_text customclass=”black-txt”]Creative Original, Inc. is a team of creative and technical professionals based on Asheville, NC. Founded by Internet marketing specialist Sarah Benoit in 2009, our specialty is providing simple, user-friendly, affordable responsive websites, as well as one-on-one consulting and training for clients in need of website management, SEO, social media, and online marketing support.[/promo_text][/column][/row][/container]

Creative Original History

Started in 2009 by Sarah Benoit in Asheville, North Carolina, Creative Original, Inc is a leader in the field of Internet marketing, including web site development, search engine optimization (SEO), storytelling, and social media communications. Website design, training, and consulting services are geared towards small businesses, non profit organizations, micro-enterprises, and sole proprietorships.

Web Design and Development

Our goal as web development professionals is to create simple, affordable, responsive, easy to manage, people-friendly websites.  Our team’s background in search engine optimization, creative writing, social media marketing, PR, media relations, and advertising allow us to help clients of all sizes from all industries to launch websites that will achieve their goals, expand their reach, and grow with their business over time.

Our Team

The Creative Original Online Marketing team is made up of experienced web design, SEO, programming, web development, search marketing, keyword writing and link building specialists, all of whom are based in Western North Carolina. We have created and tested various, original methods of researching, crafting and distributing keyword rich, web site content on the Internet. We also work diligently to build simple, easy to use, modern, mobile friendly websites as an affordable rate for small businesses, non profits, and micro-enterprises. The web design and organic search strategies we provide and execute help businesses in a variety of industries to improve overall web site performance through increased search engine traffic and enhanced usability.